Thank Goodne$$ I didn’t win the Lotto! And a Hannah Montana reference.

So someone just a few miles away from me in Chino Hills CA just won 1.5 Billion dollars in the record-setting Powerball lottery.  I’m so relieved it wasn’t me!

Really if I had won it wouldn’t have been worth 1.5 Billion anyhow.  I went in with a bunch of co-workers so I’d only have gotten a measly $125,000,000 or so.  I never play the lottery except under those circumstances.  273 million-to-one odds aren’t something I’m willing to spend my money on, but that’s a better option than being the one poor sap who has to come into work the next day after everyone else became millionaires!

As my dreams of owning my private island and quaint 20,000-acre spread in Montana die, I actually felt relief.  You may find that quite odd, but I can’t think of a better word to describe it.

I’d love to not have to worry about money don’t get me wrong, but I’m pretty certain I, nor any other human being is designed for that kind of wealth.

I don’t hold rich peoples fortunes against them, nor do I think they should be taxed into oblivion.  You earn it, you keep it, more power to ya!  But when you need nothing, how can you possibly find direction?

Jesus said “Its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  That’s not saying rich people don’t go to heaven but an indication of what happens to someones heart when they don’t have to look to God for provision.  When they don’t NEED anything they can’t supply on their own.  When you can supply everything you need or want, why do you need God?  I imagine that’s what happens anyways.

Maybe I don’t have enough of an imagination, but I for sure know that I’m not designed for limitless wealth; at least not the monetary kind.  When I have money, I have the bad habit of putting my trust and confidence in that money’s ability to keep me from stress, worry, fear, or anything else.  I’m pretty certain God knows this, and has blessed me with just the appropriate lack of financial security!

You may think I’m insane, but I’m grateful for my financial situation (maybe minus some debt though).  Don’t get me wrong, I want to provide for my family.  I want to save for an enjoyable retirement with my wife, and to leave something for my son.  I enjoy being able to give generously and without fear of financial harm.

However, finding your security in wealth is dangerous.  How many lottery winners are bankrupt just a few short years later.  How many have lost family, friends, and loved ones.  How many lose their self-worth?

Why do so many wealthy, famous, powerful people deal with depression, drugs, and suicide?  What happened to Hannah Montana for goodness sake!

I believe we were all designed for a purpose, and when seemingly limitless wealth happens, we lose our purpose, and when we lose our purpose we lose direction.  When we lose direction, we spin out of control and out of Gods design for our lives.

There are exceptions to these rules of course.  Lots of ridiculously wealthy people are just fine and do wonderful things with their wealth.  I like to think I would be the same.  But I think I’d rather not find out.  The odds might be better than 273 million to one, but when I look at my wife and son and the life God’s blessed me with, that is a risk I’m happy not to take.  I’m already the richest man alive.

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