What’s the Point?

“Blogging Experts” say that to be a successful blogger you need to have some sort of theme or direction to your blog.  This helps you become an “authority” in whatever field you choose to write about and will in turn lead to fame, riches, and the ability to make six figures from a beach in Thailand…

No desire here to move to Thailand, or to be famous.  I suppose rich would be nice but lets be honest here, I’m not expecting much out of a blog where the site description is “this is where my brain throws up”.

On a side note, there is currently a spider walking across the wall right above my computer monitor and there is a raging debate in my head on whether or not I should smash it.  The fact that I’m writing that down lends even more credence to the idea that maybe I should keep my sights low regarding my potential success as a writer.

My brain throws up a lot, in a lot of different areas, so I’m pretty certain I’ll never have a “theme.”  However, I would really like it to have a point.  That is, I want it to be aimed at being a benefit to you poor souls who get sucked into reading what I write.

Thus, I’ve decided to give myself some accountability in this regard.

The great Mike Rowe focuses on hard work, Cheezburger posts cat pictures (wish I’d thought of that) and Matt Drudge posts links to other peoples stuff (wish I’d thought of that too!).  I have to have something I can do.  Unfortunately I’m not a professional writer/thinker/cat meme-maker.  I’m barely even professional.  So I’m going to just write to, and for myself.  This means I’ll be writing on things that I find important and see as meaningful in the world I find myself in.  Thus is no particular order…

I’m a Christian.  A evangelical, non-denominational, church-going, Jesus-believing Christian.  I’m am a “Practicing Christian” which means I don’t know everything.  I don’t have it all together, and I certainly do my best not to pretend to.  I don’t really intend to preach here, but I expect you’ll realize the influence to some extent.

I’m a husband.  I love my wife, and am committed to her for life without exception.  Marriage is not easy, but it can be awesome.  Unfortunately we live in a world where marriage is more “as long as love lasts” than “til death do us part.”  Husbands are failing their wives left and right, and I hope that I can be an encouragement towards that not happening.

I’m a father.  We have a 7-year old son who inspires me, breaks me down, and gives me more joy than I deserve while at the same time giving me (and his mom) as much stress as we can handle!  Raising up a boy to be a man is a heavy burden in the day and age we live in.  I’m hoping to do a good job.

I’m a thinker.  Notice I didn’t say “intellectual.”  I’m not claiming to be one of those super-smart people that can write something down and blow your mind.  I try to be mentally engaged in my life, and in the world around me, even though the end result all to often is woefully lacking, at least in my eye.  Did I mention the description on this site is “this is where my brain throws up?”

I’m  a political junkie.  I think as much as we hate mixing politics in polite company, being politically engaged is vital to society and to parenthood.  As much as it would be nice to avoid it, politics are one of the largest influences on the kind of life our children will be able to enjoy in their adulthood.  Especially in a democracy (or representative republic) it is the citizens responsibility to protect their freedoms through knowledge and engagement.  I promise to be nice though!

I’m going to cut it off at that because the 2% of you who have even made it this far into the post are beginning to question if its worth the time.  In a nutshell, you’ll also see photography, outdoors, book recommendations, and other miscellaneous thoughts.

I can promise two things in all of this though.  I will be nice, and I won’t take myself to seriously.  No matter my massive writing successes and guru status achieved, I won’t let it go to my head. ;p

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